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Dr. John Abroon, your experienced doctor in the Upper East Side, provides medical clearances for college students, employees, and other situations. If a medical clearance is required for a particular sport, job, or other activity, you’ve come to the right place! We provide medical clearance for before an activity, job, or sport begins, as well as post-injury medical clearance so you can return to your normal activities. Dr. Abroon can act as the primary physician or give a second opinion medical clearance. Please speak with our medical team and provide the requirements associated with the particular medical clearance required (pre-employment, post-injury, pre-operative, etc.). To schedule your medical clearance appointment, we welcome you to contact our New York, New York medical office today!

I have sleep apnea and an ENT recommended a surgical procedure carving out some tissue my palette, reducing my uvula, and straightening my septum to provide clear breathing pathways at night. Dr. Abroon gave this all-in-one procedure a decisive thumbs down. He referred me to a top ENT with a safer, and much less radical approach. I met then new doctor, and he’s great. Much thanks to Dr. Abroon for helping me avoid a potential nightmare.

– Paul R.