John Abroon, M.D. is a board-certified internist in New York City. Dr. Abroon compassionately provides a wide range of medical services at our Upper East Side office including STD diagnosis and treatments, physical exams, medical clearances, cutting-edge weight loss modalities (including fat reduction and elimination, hip thinning, and body sculpting), medical tests, pre-op prep and post-operative care. We are aligned with a large group of specialists for the best sources of surgical or specialty care if required.

Dr. Abroon is well known for offering personalized medical care, and spending time with patients in a holistic approach. We are among the few practices that purposely maintains analog records ensuring patient privacy.

For over 25 years, we have served New York City and neighboring communities, including Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester County and the entire tri-state area. Our office is conveniently located on 34 E 72nd Street just one block from Central Park and near the Q and 4,5, and 6 trains on the Upper East Side.

We welcome you to read our testimonials and discover why our patients love Dr. Abroon! When you visit our medical office, you will always receive individualized care and attention from our friendly doctor. To learn more and to schedule your appointment, please call our medical office in New York, New York today!

five-stars “Many thanks, from a mild and pleasant Parisian evening! Dr Abroon is simply the best. I’m lucky enough to live in several places round the world and to have assorted medical professionals to call on (such as forthis colonoscopy). But for any primary care issues, Dr Abroon is absolutely my #1: a “proper doctor”, in my view.Have a great weekend in NYC.”– Gary Brown.
five-stars I have sleep apnea and an ENT recommended a surgical procedure carving out some tissue my palette, reducing my uvula, and straightening my septum to provide clear breathing pathways at night. Dr. Abroon gave this all-in-one procedure a decisive thumbs down. He referred me to a top ENT with a safer, and much less radical approach. I met then new doctor, and he’s great. Much thanks to Dr. Abroon for helping me avoid a potential nightmare.– Paul R.
five-stars Finally, a doctor who got it right! I’ve been two specialists who were unable to pin point the cause for a condition that now turns out to be very minor, and easily resolved. I was recommended to this doctor by a high profile TV producer who’s been a patient of his for years. I liked that Dr. Abroon asked a lot of questions and gave me all the time necessary before discovering the problem.– James P