Your Best Health: Revealing May’s National Health Observances

May marks a significant month in the healthcare calendar, with several National Health Observances (NHOs) designed to inspire and encourage healthier lifestyles across different demographics. This month is not only about promoting physical health but also about emphasizing mental well-being and the unique health challenges faced by various groups. National Physical Fitness and Sports Month Being physically active is crucial... read more »

Prioritizing Better Heart Health During Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month, a critical period for highlighting the various ways stress impacts our health and well-being, particularly our heart health. One effective way to manage and mitigate stress-related risks is through a stress echocardiogram and stress test. These are vital tools that help assess the resilience of your heart under stress and can play a significant role in... read more »

Helping Females Win The Important Fight Against HIV/AIDS And STDs

One of the National Health Observances in March is Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness. Dr. John Abroon is pleased to offer our female patients Sexually Transmitted Diseases Testing to provide critical healthcare. In recent years, Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness has become an increasingly critical topic, underlining the importance of education, prevention and access to testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).... read more »

Keep Your Heart Healthy with Innovative Preventive Medical Care

February marks Heart Health Month, dedicated to increasing awareness of cardiovascular well-being and advocating for preventative measures to maintain strong and healthy hearts. Taking proactive steps towards safeguarding your cardiovascular health can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and other related conditions. Here are some essential medical services to consider during this month and beyond: 1-Abdominal Aorta Screening: Proactively... read more »

TruSculpt® iD: A Cutting-Edge Technology Designed To Transform Body Sculpting

In a world where the pursuit of a healthy and sculpted physique is a common goal, weight loss management has evolved beyond traditional methods. One revolutionary solution that has garnered attention is TruSculpt® iD, offered by our board-certified internist and primary care physician in New York City, Dr. John Abroon, providing a cutting-edge technology designed to transform the way we... read more »

We Offer Concierge Medicine & Sleep Study Services For Better Health

Our internist, Dr. John Abroon, is pleased to offer comprehensive medical services in New York, New York, (specifically on the Upper East Side). Dr. Abroon routinely assesses, tests, diagnoses and treats medical issues to help our patients achieve their best health. Two services our prominent doctor is pleased to provide are concierge medicine and sleep study testing. Concierge Medicine Implementing... read more »

A Guide on How To Thrive During Cold and Flu Season

November has arrived with a chill in the air, signaling not only the transition to winter but also the onset of the notorious cold and flu season. The change in temperature, coupled with a decline in humidity as heaters are cranked up, creates an environment conducive to the spread of respiratory viruses. In this seasonal shift, it becomes crucial to... read more »

Breathe Easy in October: Your Guide to Healthy Lung Awareness Month 

October is Healthy Lung Awareness Month. At the medical office of Dr. John Abroon, today’s blog will explore diagnostic tests Dr. Abroon can perform to help you safeguard your lung health. Dr. Abroon is pleased to provide annual checkups and chest X-rays, lung inflammation assessment and pulmonary function testing that can assess your lung health. Healthy Lung Awareness Month is... read more »

How To Make the Most of September Being Self–Care Awareness Month

Did you know that September is Self–Care Awareness Month? This time serves as a reminder that prioritizing self-care is crucial. In the busy days that often surround us, self-care is frequently overlooked. And yet, practicing self-care promotes both physical and mental health. Our physician, Dr. John Abroon, offers a variety of options to help you take better care of yourself,... read more »

Enjoying the Outdoors? Watch Out for Lyme & Tick Disease!

Lyme disease is a prevalent tick-borne illness that can have serious implications for one's health when untreated. Tick bites are the primary mode of transmission, making early detection and accurate diagnosis crucial for effective treatment. To achieve this, a comprehensive Lyme and tick bite analysis is vital. Lyme disease symptoms vary widely and mimic other conditions, making diagnosis challenging. That... read more »