How To Make the Most of September Being Self–Care Awareness Month

Did you know that September is Self–Care Awareness Month? This time serves as a reminder that prioritizing self-care is crucial. In the busy days that often surround us, self-care is frequently overlooked. And yet, practicing self-care promotes both physical and mental health. Our physician, Dr. John Abroon, offers a variety of options to help you take better care of yourself,... read more »

Enjoying the Outdoors? Watch out for Lyme & Tick Disease!

Lyme disease is a prevalent tick-borne illness that can have serious implications for one's health when untreated. Tick bites are the primary mode of transmission, making early detection and accurate diagnosis crucial for effective treatment. To achieve this, a comprehensive Lyme and tick bite analysis is vital. Lyme disease symptoms vary widely and mimic other conditions, making diagnosis challenging. That... read more »

Rapid Strep Testing: Raising Awareness during International Group B Strep Throat Awareness Month

July is an important month for raising awareness when it comes to Group B Streptococcus (GBS) infection, particularly in infants, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems. This month we strive to educate the public about GBS and the significance of rapid strep testing for streptococcal pharyngitis, to promote early detection, timely treatment and improved health outcomes for those... read more »

Breaking Barriers: The Importance of HIV Testing in Society Today

June is National HIV Testing Day (NHTD). Every year it is observed on June 27 to spotlight how important HIV testing is for optimal health. The NHTD theme for 2023 is “Take the Test & Take the Next Step” to stay healthy by knowing your HIV status. June 27 is National HIV Testing Day (NHTD). Every year it is observed... read more »

5 Essential Health Check-ups Every Adult Should Prioritize 

Summer is almost here, which means we are already halfway through the year! When it comes to your overall health, check-ups are crucial for maintaining optimal well-being and detecting potential health issues before they become major concerns. In this blog post, we will discuss five essential health check-ups that every adult should prioritize. By staying proactive and scheduling these examinations, you can... read more »

Are You Constantly Feeling Stressed? We Can Test Your Stress Levels and Help You!

April is Stress Awareness Month, and what better time to take action around the negative effects of this debilitating health condition? While everyone has some level of stress, we experience it differently. Stress by definition is that you experience  heightened physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension. Stress typically results in a reaction to any situation where you feel anxious... read more »

March 24 is World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated on March 24 each year to raise public awareness and understanding about the world’s deadliest infectious disease—tuberculosis (TB)—and its potentially crippling health, social and economic impact on people worldwide. The theme for World TB Day 2023 is 'Yes! We can end TB!' which sets out to raise public awareness and inspire hope for eradicating the... read more »

Healthy Weight Loss Goals To Implement for the New Year

January is a time when we set new goals that will guide us throughout the new year to come. It should come as no surprise that many people choose this time to take renewed focus and energy by taking better care of their health. This includes losing weight as needed, especially after the seasonal indulgences of the past few months!... read more »

Our Same-Day Emergency Services Can Help You Weather the Busy Winter Season

Winter's arrived and it's one of the most spectacular seasons here in New York City! Buildings and businesses are bedecked for the festive holiday season and folks are busy rushing about, getting last-minute shopping, cooking and decorating done. Unfortunately, it is also the time for potential injury to arise, whether you are walking down the street dodging the crowds, falling... read more »