We Have the Resources You Need to Lose Excess Weight and Improve Your Appearance

A new year has officially begun, and with it, we have an opportunity to make a renewed commitment to our health and appearance! What better time to create health and fitness habits to navigate this year with more energy that is life changing? At the office of John Abroon, MD, we are ready to help… Read more »

truSculptID-The latest body contouring treatment

TruSculptID is the latest body sculpting treatment from Cutera, providing a personalized solution to stubborn body fat. This powerful, non-invasive, Monopolar RF platform tailors to patients’ individual needs and features Real-Time Temperature Control for clinically proven results, safety, and patient experience. TruSculpt ID treats the entire fat layer, resulting in an average of 24% fat… Read more »

Stem Cell Therapy- What you should know

I came across this article on bottomlineinc.com and found it very interesting and informative. In the article physician David Sherer dives into the possible negative effects of stem cell medicine and the misinformation that has lead to blindness, infection, and disease among participating patients. Stem cell clinics are deceiving patients into believing these treatments can… Read more »

A Sleep Study Test Can Help You Learn How to Get Your Best Sleep

Do you find yourself waking up in the morning with a sore throat, headache, or fatigue? Lack of sleep has become a public health issue in our country, and for good reason. When you don’t get a good night’s sleep or enough sleep, there are a lot of things that can happen, with most of… Read more »

If You Have Problems With Your Breathing, We Can Help

One of the tests our internist, Dr. John Abroon, may perform to make sure your lungs are working properly is a pulmonary function test or PFT, to evaluate the functional state of your lungs. We accomplish this with the help of a test called spirometry that measures your breath. Spirometry measurements can help Dr. Abroon… Read more »

Fall Is Here and so Is Flu Season

The fall season is officially here and so are cases of the flu. If you haven’t already gotten your flu shot for the 2018/2019 flu season, now is the time to get that done. Commonly known as the flu, influenza is a disease that is both serious and potentially lethal, resulting in major potential health… Read more »

Why Get Tested for a Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Are you or have you been sexually active in your past? If so, you may want to consider being tested for a sexually transmitted disease, or STD. Unfortunately, while many people assume that they would know if they have contracted an STD, most won’t because these things often go undetected until they are in a… Read more »

Urinalysis Can Help Identify a Variety of Medical Issues

The human excretory system plays an important role in removing waste products from the body. Your renal system includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder and other structures tasked with removing waste from your blood. Over the course of a day, they serve to remove waste products from the body, regulate water and salt balance and regulate… Read more »

Are Your Ears Aching, Ringing or Feeling Full? You May Need an Earwax Removal Treatment.

Are you finding yourself with a feeling of fullness in one or both of your ears? Are you experiencing a sudden or partial hearing loss? Do you hear a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears or ear pain? These are all symptoms of an excessive buildup of earwax. If you are experiencing these symptoms,… Read more »

Are You Showing Symptoms of Mononucleosis?

One of the many services we provide at the medical practice of John Abroon, M.D., in New York, New York is mononucleosis testing. You may know it as mono, or the “kissing disease.” This is a viral infection which can be transmitted via saliva in other ways as well, such as sharing food, drinks, or… Read more »