Urinalysis Can Help Identify a Variety of Medical Issues

The human excretory system plays an important role in removing waste products from the body. Your renal system includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder and other structures tasked with removing waste from your blood. Over the course of a day, they serve to remove waste products from the body, regulate water and salt balance and regulate… Read more »

Are Your Ears Aching, Ringing or Feeling Full? You May Need an Earwax Removal Treatment.

Are you finding yourself with a feeling of fullness in one or both of your ears? Are you experiencing a sudden or partial hearing loss? Do you hear a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears or ear pain? These are all symptoms of an excessive buildup of earwax. If you are experiencing these symptoms,… Read more »

Are You Showing Symptoms of Mononucleosis?

One of the many services we provide at the medical practice of John Abroon, M.D., in New York, New York is mononucleosis testing. You may know it as mono, or the “kissing disease.” This is a viral infection which can be transmitted via saliva in other ways as well, such as sharing food, drinks, or… Read more »

With Early Diagnosis Tick Borne Illnesses Can Be Easily Treatable

From spring through summer and into the warm parts of autumn various ticks and other insects thrive and have the potential to spread bacterial ailments to human beings. Tick-borne illnesses such as anaplasmosis and Lyme disease can sometimes start out with mild symptoms that can be confused as something else. Yet with early diagnosis these… Read more »

A Health Screening Can Help Identify Employees for a Rigorous Jobs

Certain industries rely on good physical health and fitness for employees who need to perform rigorous activities. Respiratory ailments, blood sugar handling issues and certain chronic conditions can lead to an increased risk of workplace accidents. At the same time a certain level of fitness might be required for a potential employee to perform their… Read more »

H. Pylori Testing and Treatment Can Help Address Stomach Ulcers

The human stomach is made up of various structures, layers and membranes. Each of them plays an important role in the earliest stage of the digestive system. When some aspect of stomach health is affected it can cause discomfort and digestive issues while also impacting your overall quality of life. Stomach ulcers can be a… Read more »

Urgent Care Services as an Alternative to the Emergency Room

Serious injuries and illnesses can often strike at inopportune times. This could include trauma from a household accident, a sudden fever, pediatric care, rapid screening for illnesses, and other diagnostic services. These issues might not warrant a trip to the Emergency Room but might still require professional treatment. In a situation like this Dr. John Abroon,… Read more »

A Rapid Strep Test Can Detect Pharyngitis

Winter and early spring means that people spend more time indoors. This inevitably increases your chances of contracting common viral and bacterial infections such as influenza and strep throat. Early symptoms of a streptococcal bacterial infection typically include pain or difficulty swallowing, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, and a fever over 101° F. Visual… Read more »

Rapid Influenza Tests Can Improve Treatment Options

The cold winter temperatures outside often increase the amount of time people spend in the warm confines of their homes and offices. This also means spending time with other people, and the increased potential of the exposure to germs. In a large urban area like New York City and the surrounding boroughs, a localized influenza… Read more »

A Sonogram Might Be Included in Diagnostic Services

Many medical problems or pre-surgical screenings call for diagnostic services to assess the nature of a lump, swelling, discomfort, or a vascular abnormality. This often calls for a sonogram to be performed by an experienced internal medicine specialist like Dr. John Abroon MD. Dr. Abroon and his staff might perform different a special type of… Read more »