Staple Removal

In order to address your medical needs, one of the services we offer includes staple removal. Whether you have undergone a surgical procedure or had a wound closure with staples, Dr. John Abroon is here to provide you with the necessary care.

Staples are commonly used in various medical procedures to close incisions, allowing for optimal healing and minimizing the risk of infection. However, their removal requires expertise and precision. Our internist and team have extensive experience in staple removal, ensuring a safe and efficient process. During your visit, Dr. Abroon will carefully assess your wound, taking into account its location, size and the progression of healed tissue. Using specialized tools and techniques, he will gently and painlessly remove the staples, while maintaining utmost care to avoid any complications.

At our practice, patient comfort and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us. We will take the time to address any questions you may have about the staple removal process and the subsequent wound care. Trust our experienced internist to provide you with exceptional staple removal services, backed by their knowledge and expertise. Give us a call today at 212-288-0900 if you have a healed wound and need staple removal in New York, New York.