Hearing Tests

Among the many services we offer during your annual checkup, we include an optional hearing test to assess your auditory abilities and detect any potential issues. During your annual checkup, our internist may employ state-of-the-art techniques to evaluate your hearing acuity. We will begin by conducting a detailed discussion to understand your medical history, lifestyle and any specific concerns you may have about your hearing. This valuable information helps tailor the testing process to your unique needs.

Next, Dr. John Abroon will utilize various diagnostic tools and methodologies to assess your hearing abilities. This may involve pure-tone or speech audiometry, where you will be asked to listen to different pitches and volumes of sound through headphones, as well as speech at different volumes.

By conducting these tests, we can evaluate the functionality of your inner ear, identify any hearing loss or impairment and determine the most appropriate course of action if one needs to be taken. Should any issues be detected, we will provide guidance, recommend appropriate treatments or refer you to a specialist if necessary.

We prioritize your complete well-being by ensuring that your auditory health remains at its best. Schedule your annual checkup today by calling 212-288-0900, where you can take a hearing test in New York, New York.