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A general physical exam is an important aspect of determining overall health, detecting early onset of medical conditions, and monitoring the progress of existing conditions. Many employers and some institutions require a physical exam before employment or admission.

Here at Dr. John Abroon’s medical clinic on the New York City’s Upper East Side, he routinely performs physical exams for a wide range of clients and patients.

The exam covers a wide range of factors including monitoring vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, and general appearance. This will also involve a dermatological exam, heart exam, neurological exam, lung exam, and heart exam, as well as a head and neck exam.

Be sure to let Dr. Abroon know about any lifestyle choices, medical conditions, or family histories that might influence your general state of health. This helps him to factor in future risk and focus on existing medical conditions

Once this is done Dr. Abroon will also perform a hearing exam. This can be a very important aspect of the pre-employment process. Unaddressed hearing issues can increase accident risk in the workplace.

Dr. Abroon uses a pure tone audiometry tests to evaluate how sound travels through your ear canal. Depending on your individual needs he might also recommend a speech, word reception, or whisper tests to further evaluate your hearing.

If Dr. Abroon finds an area of concern he will refer you to a hearing specialist for further diagnosis and treatment. If you live on New York City’s Upper East Side and you need a physical exam or hearing test, you should call 212-288-0900 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Abroon.