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Dr. John Abroon and our team recommend that you come to our office for a physical exam once a year. A physical examination can serve as reassurance that you are healthy. It can also be like an alarm system, catching any health issues before they become serious. When you visit our office, our doctor may check some or all of the following:

During this part of the exam, Dr. Abroon will ask you about lifestyle behaviors like smoking, diet, exercise, etc. Your vaccination status will be checked and your personal and family medical history will be updated. This is also a chance to tell our doctor about any concerns you have about your health.

Vital Signs
Vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature will be checked by our doctor or nurse.

General Appearance
A large amount of information can be gained by our doctor when he talks to you and observes you. Your memory and mental quickness can be ascertained. Our doctor will notice whether or not you stand and walk easily and if your skin looks healthy.

Heart Exam
Dr. Abroon will listen to your heart with a stethoscope and listen for any irregularities that could be signs of heart disease

Lung Exam
Our doctor will use a stethoscope to listen for crackles or wheezes when you breathe. Sounds like these can indicate the presence of lung or heart disease.

Head and Neck Exam
Dr. Abroon will have you open your mouth and say “ah” so that he can examine your throat and tonsils. Your ears, nose, sinuses, eyes, lymph nodes, thyroid, and carotid arteries may also be checked.

Abdominal Exam
We may examine your abdomen by tapping and other techniques to detect things like the size of your liver and the presence of abdominal fluid. Tenderness will also be checked for.

Neurological Exam
During this exam, the nerves, muscle strength, reflexes, balance, and mental state can be checked.

Dermatological Exam
Findings from the skin and nails can give clues about dermatological issues or other diseases.

Extremities Exam
Dr. Abroon may look for physical and sensory changes. He may check your pulse in your arms and legs. The joints may also be examined.

We invite you to contact our office today to learn more and to schedule your physical.