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If you are starting a new job, you may be required to have a pre-employment medical clearance. This is similar to having an employee health screening done, which your current employer might want you to have to ensure you are in good health and able to do the tasks assigned to you. A medical clearance and health screening benefit both you and your employer by making sure you are in good health and spirits so you can perform your work to your satisfaction and encourage healthy work relationships with your colleagues. A healthy work environment benefits all parties. Dr. Abroon, our experienced internist, offers both pre-employment medical clearances as well as employee health screenings for employers and employees.

Pre-Employment Medical Clearances

These evaluations are for patients who are starting a job in a new field or area of employment. As a job applicant, this helps make sure that you are physically and mentally able to do the work you are applying for. Dr. Abroon will take a comprehensive physical exam to evaluate your current state of health, your medical history, and your height, weight, blood pressure, reflexes, joint health, temperature, and respiratory function. Any medications you are taking, including supplements, will be noted, to make sure possible side effects won’t interfere with your ability to perform your daily tasks. You may be given X-rays and blood tests, and if your employer wants you to have a drug and alcohol test, we will check for substance levels in either your blood, urine, breath or hair samples.

Stress Test

If your field of work will be high-stress, Dr. Abroon will take a look at your stress levels and state of mind that might interfere with your ability to handle the job well on a daily basis. Using electrodes on your chest as you exercise on a stationary bicycle (or treadmill), your heart will be closely monitored to measure your heart health and function. Your heart and valves will also be checked to see how your heart responds to physical activity. This stress test also measures your risk of heart disease and assesses your cardiac treatment plan.

Employee Health Screening

Dr. Abroon offers this evaluation to help you qualify for a job and the accompanying requirements. This not only assesses your general fitness level but helps detects problems early on so that you can get the care needed right away, keeping your overall health on track. Health problems addressed in the early stages of development help keep costs lower while also being minimally invasive. Health screening exams and tests check your blood pressure, cholesterol panels, glucose, body composition, lung function, among others, depending on your employer’s request.

Whether you are an employee seeking a pre-employment medical clearance or employee health screening, or an employer wanting to help your employees achieve greater health and well-being, we welcome you to give our office a call in New York, New York at 212-288-0900 today.