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At the medical practice of John Abroon, M.D., we understand that patients with food allergies may display a variety of symptoms after eating something they are allergic to. These may include constant itching, shortness of breath, and rashes after eating certain foods.

Unfortunately, food allergies are not uncommon, but they can be harmful, especially if you do not know that your body is allergic to a particular food item. Some clues about food allergies include the kinds of symptoms you may be displaying after eating a specific item, how often the symptom arises, and how long before the symptom arises after eating a particular food. However, the most important thing you can do to protect your health is to have a food allergy test performed by our facility in New York, New York.

Dr. John Abroon, our board-certified internist offers food allergy testing for our patients with food allergies. He offers several tests, two of which are the skin prick test and a blood test, before trying other tests such as a food elimination diet or oral food challenge to determine your specific allergies.

With the skin prick test, Dr. Abroon puts a drop of liquid food extract directly onto your skin and lightly pricks the skin to allow the extract to be absorbed fully. If you are allergic to this food, you will see a raised bump on the skin. The bump will show up 15-20 minutes within pricking. The blood test is done to determine whether you have immunoglobulin E. in your system because this is the antibody that triggers your allergy symptoms.

To schedule your allergy testing, please call 212-288-0900 and let us help you safely enjoy your food!