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Health screenings are a common occurrence in many business sectors. More and more companies are requesting health screenings in advance of offering an employment contract. At the same time, many companies are also trying to encourage existing employees to improve their current health and overall quality of life.

Dr. John Abroon is a top internist on the Upper East Side of New York City. Every year he offers employee health screenings for prospective employers and employees. This involves a comprehensive examination of many critical health factors. This lends toward early detection of a medical issue to ensure that you receive the care you need as soon as possible, thus improving your overall long-term health. This can also be beneficial for determining insurance premiums and cost of care needs for a preexisting condition.

This includes testing such things as: blood pressure, cholesterol panels, glucose, body composition, lung function, and more. Dr. Abroon simply provide the specific requirements you needed tested for your employee health screening to make sure every aspect is addressed.

If a problem is detected Dr. Abroon can then offer potential treatment plans to help address the problem to you or the employer’s satisfaction. Dr. Abroon is also affiliated with local hospitals at Mount Sinai and Lenox Hill. He also has a vast network of other specialists throughout the area and can refer you for specialist care and testing, if need.

If you are in need of employee health screening services, you should contact Dr. Abroon’s Upper East Side office in New York City at 212-288-0900.