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September brings with it cooler temperatures, fall colors and unfortunately, the challenges of influenza. If you are constantly exposed to the public or ride the subway system, then you know how easy it is to pick up airborne illnesses. But the flu doesn’t need to catch you by surprise or take you down for a week to recover.

Flu Vaccine
Flu vaccines are increasingly effective ways to pre-empt missed workdays and recovering in misery on your couch. Contracting the flu is serious business, highly contagious and potentially lethal. Although the virus mutates, the flu vaccine helps many people from getting the flu, and if they do get it, have significantly milder symptoms than their non-vaccinated counterparts. Getting a shot early in the flu season can protect you from the devastating effects of influenza. Dr. John Abroon recommends that patients, especially seniors and children get the flu shot every flu season.

Rapid Flu Test
Our office also offers Influenza A and B testing for those patients who are experiencing flu-like symptoms. Dr. Abroon performs the CDC-recommended rapid testing for influenza A and B, sent to a lab for testing and you’ll have your results within 20 minutes. This can be done using a nasal or throat swab, bronchial wash, an aspirate or wash. Regular flu testing results are tested within a day.

Symptoms to look for might include an overall feeling of weakness, serious aches and pains in the body and around the eyes, fever, headache and a dry cough. Timing is crucial, so having the influenza A and B test should be done within 48 hours of having these symptoms.

If you would like to know more about getting your flu shot, we welcome you to give our team a call today at 212-288-0900. If you are already experiencing flu-like symptoms, please don’t wait, call now to schedule your appointment with Dr. Abroon for a flu test and prompt medical treatment in New York, New York. Protect yourself and your loved one’s this flu season!