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May is National Better Speech and Hearing Month, which acknowledges the effect of hearing loss and speech disorders on one’s health. The CDC supports Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) and every May this event helps raise awareness around hearing and speech problems. They encourage people to be more aware of the state of their own hearing and have their hearing checked accordingly. This is important because early identification and intervention for hearing loss can make all the difference! 

It may surprise you that a lot of people have unidentified hearing loss and don’t even know they’re missing certain sounds and words. Fortunately, checking your hearing is the first as well as by request. These tests are essential for making sure that other conditions are diagnosed correctly. If you experience diminished hearing, it can lead to problems at work, at school and in your personal relationships. 

At his medical office in New York, NY, Dr. Abroon uses pure tone audiometry tests to evaluate the sounds traveling through your ear canal. After discussing your individual needs, concerns, and conditions, Dr. Abroon may also recommend speech or word reception tests and whisper tests. If additional tests are needed, he will refer you to a hearing specialist. 

If your hearing is currently fine, definitely make an effort to protect your hearing. And if you are dealing with hearing loss or experiencing pain, discomfort, or ringing in the ears, take steps to keep it from getting worse. Protect your hearing by not exposing yourself to loud sounds through your headphones or through the stereo system when enjoying concerts, nightclubs, sporting events or that Zumba class you might be taking. Shooting at the gun range? Protect your hearing with earplugs or noise-canceling earmuffs. If you do love your headphones, lower the volume and take regular breaks.

Dr. Abroon invites you to reach out to our office to learn more about hearing tests and to schedule an appointment with him if you notice your hearing is “off”. You can contact our medical office located in the Upper East Side, New York, New York by calling (212) 288-0900 today.