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It can be easy to take your hearing for granted. Most of us don’t think about it unless something happens and hearing becomes difficult or steadily diminishes. Safety is one reason we rely on our hearing, but also for our day-to-day communication and socializing. Whether you are communicating at home, school, work, the grocery store or the dentist’s office, your hearing is essential.

Losing your hearing for whatever reason, aging, illness or injury, can leave its mark as it affects your quality of life. That’s because losing your hearing abilities affects you three ways, physically, emotionally and as we just mentioned, socially.

People who lose their hearing can experience the following:

  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Avoidance tendencies
  • Poor job performance
  • Pessimism, anger and irritability
  • Stress, fatigue and tension
  • Vulnerability from decreased alertness
  • Problems with memory or following directions

And it’s not just your grandparents who lose their hearing. Hearing loss arises in all age groups. Spotting it early is particularly important when it happens in children because it affects their language development and learning skills. At the medical office of John Abroon, M.D., we offer hearing tests when you come in for your routine physical exams and if you call in because you’ve noticed a change in your hearing.

Our medical office offers pure tone audiometry tests to see how well sounds are traveling through your ear canal. Once an assessment is made, Dr. Abroon can address your needs, concerns, and conditions. He may recommend speech or word reception tests and whisper tests to thoroughly assess your hearing. If you need additional testing, Dr. Abroon can refer you to a hearing specialist. If you would like to schedule a hearing test with our skilled team, please reach out to our office in the Upper East Side, New York, New York.

If you need to schedule ear wax removal, we can take care of that as well. Dr. John Abroon will review your symptoms and determine whether a buildup of ear wax is the problem. He can then remove the buildup with a small instrument, called a curette, or flush the ear out with warm water to remove any fluid. For patients with diabetes, Dr. Abroon may prescribe ear drops to prevent infection or other damage. Give us a call at (212) 288-0900 in New York, NY, if you have any questions about your hearing or your health!