If the Past Few Months Have Made You Gain Weight, You Might Benefit From a Session With trusculpt® Id Get Rid of Fat

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How has your weight been affected these past months? The global pandemic has resulted in a lot of stress and often unhealthy coping mechanisms. If you have been social distancing and restricting your movements out of your home, it’s quite possible you, like many others, are finding yourself putting on extra weight.

As part of a holistic approach to body sculpting, Dr. John Abroon, our board-certified internist, recommends a balanced diet with vitamins, regular exercise and lifestyle changes to burn fat and maintain a healthy weight. Dr. Abroon also offers truSculpt® iD to support his patients’ ongoing efforts.

The Skinny on truSculpt® iD

Unlike its predecessors, truSculpt iD is painless and quick as the sessions are typically only 15 minutes long. While for some it might last 30-minutes, that’s the exception and not the rule, plus, there’s no downtime. Most people only need one of these sessions to see fat loss taking place in the body and face.

How truSculpt® iD Works
TruSculpt® iD works with the help of radiofrequency energy, which zeros in on the whole fat layer, freezing the fat cells and giving you a 24% reduction of fat. Dr. Abroon can customize the treatment so that your result works with your natural curves and body structure. There’s usually no need for additional sessions, and you will generally see the results within 6 to 12 weeks! After your session you can go back to your regular daily activities, making it highly convenient.

Why truSculpt® iD?
A few patients may feel some pain and numbness if they are sensitive to the intense coldness of the treatment. It is possible to experience some swelling and bruises. Rarely does a patient find themselves with paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, where the fat cells grow bigger instead of dissipating. Still, after much research, Dr. Abroon chose truSculpt iD as the safest treatment for body sculpting, because compared to other body sculpting options, it gives you the results you want as painlessly and quickly as possible.

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