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Do you tend to wake up feeling groggy or exhausted after sleeping all night? Not only do you require sleep to properly function, but you need quality sleep that allows your body and mind to recover properly each night. Poor sleep quality can cause you to become unhealthy physically and mentally. Fortunately, our skilled doctor, Dr. John Abroon, is ready to diagnose your condition and devise a treatment plan to help you sleep like a baby. A sleep study can determine if you have an underlying condition affecting your sleep quality.

What’s Your Sleep Issue?

-Insomnia: A condition where sleep is frequently disturbed for a long time and is marked by trouble falling and/or staying asleep. Diagnosis involves a physical examination and clinical tests to diagnose any underlying conditions and treatment may involve medication, therapy, self-care and nutrition.

-Jet lag: Also called “flight fatigue”, this condition leads to disruption of your circadian rhythms and happens when you cross two or more time zones. Symptoms might involve disturbed sleep, daytime fatigue, poor concentration and functioning. It usually goes away within a day or two. If it doesn’t you might need medications to induce sleep.

-Narcolepsy: This neurological condition disrupts your sleep-wake cycles causing excessive sleepiness during the day and suddenly falling asleep during an activity. It requires lab tests or imaging and treatment might be done with medications and lifestyle changes to lower the intensity of your symptoms.

-Restless legs syndrome: This disorder makes you move your legs during sleep to relieve discomfort. Quite common, it can’t be cured but can be managed with lifestyle changes or prescription medications boosting dopamine, muscle relaxants and sleep medications.

-Sleep apnea: A sleep disorder where breathing is continually interrupted during your sleep. You may also have loud snoring along with your episodic breathing pauses. It is very common but also treatable by a medical professional. It does require lab tests or imaging and the condition can last months or years.

-Snoring: Characterized by hoarse or harsh sound from nose or mouth arising from partially obstructed breathing. It can arise from excessive alcohol consumption, certain medications, aging, obesity, back sleeping, smoking, sleep apnea, having a deviated nasal septum or even nasal polyps. If you have high blood pressure or chest pain at night see a doctor. Treatment can include sleeping on your sides, losing weight, quitting drinking and smoking.


Dr. Abroon may recommend an at-home test or an in-office study to determine the cause of your sleep issues. Dr. Abroon can diagnose your condition by having our team attach sensors to your body to measure your brain waves, heart rate, breathing patterns, oxygen levels, and movements while you sleep. Once a diagnosis is made, effective treatment can be recommended. If you are constantly battling sleep, we welcome you to call our office in New York, NY today at (212) 288-0900 to learn more and get the help you need!