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Most people know that keeping hydrated throughout the day is important in order to keep your body healthy.  However, scientists have recently amped up the importance of drinking enough water each day. In a study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, researchers discovered that drinking water was crucial for cognitive functions. Everyone at one time or another has been dehydrated and felt a dry mouth and maybe even light headed.  At that point, a cool drink water can feel like best thing in the world.  However,  the recently published research is indicating that drinking additional water, to what we already consume daily, not only prevents our body from getting dehydrated but has the added benefit of making our thinking sharper.  People who participated in the study were separated into two groups.  One group consumed a cereal bar and water, and the other group had just the cereal bar. Participants fasted from food and water overnight, until the morning. Those who could drink water were allowed to drink until they were no longer thirsty. Participants were put through visual testing, and researchers measured the error rates of both groups.  Those who had water had significantly higher cognitive functioning and reactions, than those who did not.  In later testing,  it was concluded that drinking three cups of water would increase cognitive reaction times by 14%.  In addition, those who were deprived of water reported that they were more sad, tense and confused.  While the study gave no ideal amount of water that should be consumed daily, it did show that drinking more than you might typically was beneficial for brain functioning.

In our brain water conducts electricity, which allows neurotransmitters to talk to one another and make new pathways.  Water also flows throughout our body in our vascular system to carry fluids to organs and glands.  Without water, our brain and other organs would begin to fail.  While the human body can go without food for a week or more, we can’t last long without having water.  Many people are chronically slightly dehydrated.  Drinking enough should be a conscious effort, and you should not wait until you become thirsty. We lose 20% of the water that we intake in our sweat, so on hot summer days it is especially important to drink more than usual.  The amount of water that each person should drink varies, and is based on a number of factors. Find out how much water you should drink daily, by taking a short test by clicking HERE.  While you can overdo it with anything you do, most of us should be more concerned about not drinking enough than drinking past our capacity.