Our Same-Day Emergency Services Can Help You Weather the Busy Winter Season

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Winter’s arrived and it’s one of the most spectacular seasons here in New York City! Buildings and businesses are bedecked for the festive holiday season and folks are busy rushing about, getting last-minute shopping, cooking and decorating done. Unfortunately, it is also the time for potential injury to arise, whether you are walking down the street dodging the crowds, falling on the ice when getting your last-minute shopping done or skating with loved ones at Rockefeller Center!

Any one of our popular winter activities can leave you with an injury because, well, accidents happen.

  • Skating ice rinks
  • Sledding hills
  • Skiing or snowboarding the slopes
  • Getting speared during an ice hockey game

Call or Visit Now

If you happen to find yourself with a sudden injury, Dr. John Abroon offers Same-Day Urgent Care so you can get the timely treatment you need. Our medical professionals are dedicated to giving you prompt urgent care when you need it most. We get that there are times when you can’t just wait to get in to see the doctor. Medical emergencies happen and deserve to be treated as quickly as possible.

You can count on Dr. Abroon and our medical team to combine sudden emergencies and last-minute appointments with the same high-quality clinical excellence you have come to expect so you can get back on your feet in time to finish your holiday to-do list. You might need medical attention right now without waiting a long time to be seen and treated and without having to go to the trouble of visiting a swamped emergency room.

Thanks to our urgent care services, we can attend to the following:

  • Illness
  • Injuries and on-the-job injuries
  • Pediatric care
  • Physical exams
  • Rapid screenings and lab tests
  • Total mobility services
  • Vaccinations
  • Women’s needs
  • X-rays

Don’t Delay

If you find yourself experiencing sudden pain, problematic symptoms, or feeling ill or injured, please reach out to visit our office in New York City, NY, today. Call (212) 288-0900 now to speak to our team or find out if you need an emergency room visit. We are ready to help and the holidays won’t wait so neither should you!