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A basic state of health is often needed before some surgical treatments. Related conditions that aren’t addressed or remediated to some degree can potentially lead to undue complications during surgery. This is why many highly trained surgeons will refer their patients to Dr. John Abroon MD and the specialists at his internal medicine clinic on New York City’s Upper Eastside.

The years of experience and extensive training Dr. Abroon has received can help diagnosis the state of any current conditions and determine potential treatment options to approve further surgical treatment. This could be a non-related factor that influence general health or a related condition that could be affected by a surgical treatment.

This might involve certain diagnostic measures such as may involve a basic examination, physical examination, chest X-ray, an electrocardiogram (EKG), or a series of pertinent laboratory tests. After clearing you or your patient for the surgical treatment, Dr. Abroon might also include recommendations for postoperative care. This might include ancillary prescription medications, special recovery measure, or other aftercare considerations.

If you or a patient need preoperative medical clearance before an upcoming surgical treatment, you should call (212) 288-0900 to set up an appointment at Dr. Abroon’s clinic on New York City’s Upper Eastside.