Rapid Influenza Tests Can Improve Treatment Options

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The cold winter temperatures outside often increase the amount of time people spend in the warm confines of their homes and offices. This also means spending time with other people, and the increased potential of the exposure to germs.

In a large urban area like New York City and the surrounding boroughs, a localized influenza outbreak can often spread quickly. This can be a particularly serious threat to young children as well as the elderly population.

In many of these cases, having an influenza test performed at the first sign of symptoms can increase treatment options. Early symptoms might include a fever, severe aches, and pains in the joints and muscles, as well as around the eyes. Other indicators may be flushed skin, red, watery eyes, a sore throat, increased nasal discharge, and a worsening headache.

Here at Dr. John Abroon’s clinic on New York City’s Upper East Side, a rapid influenza test can often indicate the presence of antibodies related in influenza A or influenza B. This might include a nasal or throat swab, a bronchial wash, an aspirate, or a wash test.

If the rapid influenza test reveals the presence of influenza, Dr. Abroon can act quickly to help you understand your treatment options. If there are complications associated with your condition, such an existing medical condition, the doctor might also refer you to a specialist at an affiliated hospital.

If you live in the New York City area and you are experiencing early symptoms of influenza, you should consider calling (212) 288-0900 to schedule a rapid influenza test at Dr. Abroon’s Clinic on the Upper East Side today!