When Dr. John Abroon, MD needs to evaluate the function and health of your heart, may recommend a stress test. The purpose of this test is to:

  • Evaluate your heart and valves
  • Determine how your heart responds to physical activity
  • Measure your risk of coronary heart disease
  • Consider the effectiveness of your cardiac treatment plan

During the test, our team will place electrodes on your chest and you will be asked to exercise on a treadmill or stationary cycle while your heart is closely monitored. The test will start at a relatively easy level and progress until maximum stress is reached; however, you may ask to stop the test at any time. We encourage you to exercise as long as possible to allow our team to assess your heart under maximum stress.
Once the treadmill stops, we ask that you sit immediately and roll onto your left hip with your left arm placed behind your head. Our team will utilize a transducer to obtain images of your heart for one minute. You may be asked to suspend your breathing for higher accuracy.
We ask that you wear comfortable clothes and running shoes to your appointment. You are welcome to eat a light meal in advance. For more information about what to expect at your stress test in New York, New York, please contact our doctor today.