Ear wax is an important part of your ear, as it can protect the inner ear from infection or damage. However, when there is too much ear wax, it can cause pain, dizziness, or hearing problems. It is common for people to experience a buildup of ear wax, especially if they wear hearing aid or use cotton swabs. If you are experiencing any of the signs of ear wax buildup, call the practice of John Abroon, MD at 212-288-0900 and see if you require ear wax removal treatment in New York, New York.

In most cases, Dr. John Abroon can perform an ear wax removal treatment for patients who are older than 2 years. During this treatment, we will review your symptoms and determine whether a buildup of ear wax is the cause. If so, our doctor will remove the buildup with a small instrument, called a curette. He may also remove the buildup by flushing the ear out with warm water.
If our doctor suspects that you are susceptible to regular ear wax buildup, may recommend over-the-counter drops for softening the wax. Patients with diabetes or an immune-compromising condition may also be prescribed ear drops as a precaution against infection or other damage.

To learn more about ear wax removal, and to schedule your appointment with our doctor, please contact us today. We look forward to caring for your health in any way.