Tick bites are more than aggravating; they can also transfer harmful diseases such as Lyme disease into your bloodstream. If you develop a fever or rash after a tick bite, come visit the office of John Abroon, MD. Be sure to tell our doctor where and when you received the bite and the most plausible location you would have encountered the tick.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection typically transmitted by deer ticks and black-legged ticks that affects all body organs. Other symptoms of Lyme disease include:

• Flu-like symptoms, such as chills and nausea
• Headaches
• Neck stiffness
• Joint pain
• Lightheadedness
• Shooting pains
• Fatigue
• Cognitive impairment

Dr. John Abroon can perform a complete Lyme and tick bite analysis to determine if you have contracted Lyme disease or another tick-borne illness. We will ask some basic questions about your symptoms, and we ask that you bring a list of symptoms and your medical history to your appointment. An analysis may include a physical exam as well as blood tests (such as EIA and Western blot tests) to identify antibodies to the bacteria. Depending on your condition, our doctor may provide oral or intravenous antibiotics.

We encourage you to contact our office at 212-288-0900 today if you have further questions regarding a complete Lyme and tick bite analysis in New York, New York. We would be happy to help you schedule an appointment if you are concerned about tick-borne diseases and other health risks.