Influenza, more commonly known as the flu, is a serious and potentially dangerous disease that can cause major health problems, or even death. Each flu season is different because the influenza virus continues to mutate, affecting each person differently. However, receiving a flu vaccine can help prevent that season’s flu virus from causing you harm.

The flu vaccine is administered through a shot. It works by causing antibodies to form after about two weeks from the day you receive your vaccine. These antibodies act as a protective shield against the influenza virus, thus preventing you from its harmful side effects.

The flu vaccine is the best defense against the influenza virus. To receive maximum benefits, Dr. John Abroon recommends that you receive your vaccine soon after it becomes available. Our doctor also recommends that you receive a new flu vaccine each flu season. Children and senior citizens should especially receive regular flu shots, as their bodies are more susceptible to the damage that influenza can cause.

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