Test tube labeled Tuberculosis(TB) isolated on white

PPD (purified protein derivative) tests are used to evaluate your exposure to tuberculosis (TB). Also known as the Mantoux screening test, the PPD test involves an intradermal injection of SSI tuberculin. After 48-72 hours, our skilled doctor will measure the skin’s response to the PPD test. Based on the response to the PPD test, Dr. Abroon will be able to assess your exposure to tuberculosis. It is important to note that exposure does not mean that you have contracted TB, and not all “positive” reactions indicate TB. Some patients have a tendency to diagnose themselves; we encourage you to avoid self-diagnosis to avoid undue worry. Dr. Abroon will be able to properly gauge the results of the PPD test and discuss tuberculosis with you. To learn more about PPD testing and to schedule your appointment, we invite you to call or visit our New York City medical office soon.

Finally, a doctor who got it right! I’ve been two specialists who were unable to pin point the cause for a condition that now turns out to be very minor, and easily resolved. I was recommended to this doctor by a high profile TV producer who’s been a patient of his for years. I liked that Dr. Abroon asked a lot of questions and gave me all the time necessary before discovering the problem.

– James P.