Dr. Abroon is pleased to offer pre-employment medical clearance for patients who are entering new business fields and employment opportunities. Many potential employers request medical clearance to ensure applicants are physically and mentally suited for the position.

During your pre-employment medical examination, our doctor typically will ask you some questions about your current health and medical history, as well as assess your height, weight, blood pressure, reflexes, respiratory function, joint health, and temperature. Please be forthright with all medications and supplements you are currently taking, as these could include side effects that may compromise your ability to fulfill certain job duties. A comprehensive physical examination may also include blood tests, X-rays, and a follow-up appointment.

If you are entering a high-stress field, you may be asked questions regarding your stress levels and any dealings with depression. Patients who will be working outside the country need to be current on all necessary vaccinations. If the company you have applied to requests a drug and alcohol test, Dr. Abroon can measure substance levels in your body by extracting samples of blood, urine, breath, or hair.

We invite you to schedule your appointment for pre-employment medical clearance in New York, New York, by contacting our office at 212-288-0900 today. Please feel free to ask any questions about preparing for your appointment and which information you may need to bring.