Dr. John Abroon, MD and our team are deeply concerned about heart health and strive to address heart issues as soon as possible. If Dr. John Abroon, MD needs to evaluate the function of your heart, may have you participate in a stress echo.

Also known as a stress echocardiogram, a stress echo consists of a stationary echocardiogram to evaluate the size, resting rate, function, and structure of the heart. This test generally lasts an hour.

During the echocardiogram, our team will evaluate your resting heart rate by applying a colorless gel to your chest and utilizing a transducer to obtain several images of your heart. You will lie on your left side on an exam table while the procedure is performed. You may be instructed to hold your breath for short measures to produce higher quality images.

We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. You may be asked to exchange your personal clothing for a medical gown or towel to allow for a more efficient procedure.

This procedure may be paired with a stress test to fully evaluate your heart health and function. If you would like to receive further information about stress echoes in New York, New York, or have concerns about heart health, contact our doctor’s office today.