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When your window is covered with snow, it may seem difficult to fit in your exercise regimen! However, cold weather is no reason to abandon a healthy lifestyle. If you are a runner, it is usually safe to continue daily jogs in the park as ice rarely forms on grass, but be sure to be extra vigilant. Also, ice skating is a terrific, low-impact exercise that can build lower body muscles. Ice skating is a great way to burn calories from a bountiful holiday meal!

If cold temperatures discourage you from trekking outdoors, there are plenty of ways to exercise in your home with little additional equipment. If your house or apartment building has stairs, trying climbing stairs has a cardio workout. To increase the intensity of your workout, try doing jumping jacks or pushups at each landing, or climbing multiple steps at the same time. Home workout videos can be easily purchased online or watched on Youtube. These workout videos often work great with common household weights. If you do not want to purchase any additional equipment, try aerobics videos which usually require no more than some free space in your living room. Also, dancing is an excellent source of exercise! Dancing to fast-paced holiday tunes like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” is a fun and festive way to burn some calories! Make sure to always find time for exercise, regardless of the season!