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I recently came across this article in a news search and found it to be very interesting.  What it made me most consider was the everyday importance of food consumption in combination with food education, the later of which I typically avoid.

At least 9 million people suffer from a food related illness every year, yet the majority are unaware of the top foods that are most likely to cause their sickness.  Did you know that Leafy green vegetables are the number one source of food related illness?  That eating contaminated eggs can result in death?  Everyone hates over thinking what they are eating, but starting to weigh the risks and benefits of your lunch order may be more important then we want to think.

As I mentioned, the results of eating some of these foods is as serious as death, in which approximately 30 people die every year from eating contaminated eggs and ingesting samonella bacteria.  Keeping a clean kitchen, thoroughly washing your food, regulating your refrigerator temperature and cooking food as soon as possible are preventative tips when dealing with these seven foods.

Now is the time to start watching out for what you are ingesting.  The amount of food related illnesses actually is exacerbated during the summer months, in which foods are left in the heat and untended for resulting in unintended contamination.

Enjoy what you eat, but always keep in mind unintended risks and start considering the importance of food education.

Read the referenced article here.