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All across America, tick-borne illnesses continue to pervade and, in some cases, increase. With many of these illnesses, like anaplasmosis and Lyme disease, have symptoms that can easily be masked as something else. Without professional diagnosis and treatment by a trained and experienced internist, these conditions can have dangerous short-term and long-term ramifications.

Sometimes Lyme’s disease comes with a telltale bullseye rash. However, the Centers for Disease Control also estimate that 20 percent of cases show no overt rash or skin irritation at the site of the tick bite.

Fortunately, Dr. John Abroon, MD has the necessary training to help identify a tick-borne illness before it has a chance to exacerbate.

At the start of the appointment, it’s important to note any significant symptoms you are experiencing. This might include Flu-like symptoms, such as chills, nausea, headaches, neck stiffness, joint pain, lightheadedness, shooting pains, fatigue, or noticeable cognitive impairment.

If a tick-borne illness is detected early, Dr. Abroon can often treat it with a simple course of antibiotics. If the infection has spread or developed into a chronic condition, more extensive treatment might be called for to fully resolve the infection.

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