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Serious injuries and illnesses can often strike at inopportune times. This could include trauma from a household accident, a sudden fever, pediatric care, rapid screening for illnesses, and other diagnostic services. These issues might not warrant a trip to the Emergency Room but might still require professional treatment.

In a situation like this Dr. John Abroon, MD and his team of medical professionals, at his clinic on New York City’s Upper East Side are committed to providing you with quality medical care. This includes same-day urgent care services.

Dr. Abroon and his team can work quickly to assess and diagnose the nature of the problem. This could include taking X-rays, blood draws, as well as rapid testing for influenza and streptococcal pharyngitis. We can also perform lung inflammation assessment, as well as other diagnostic tests.

We can also suture or dress wounds, provide you with a necessary prescription, or refer you for specialist care. Dr. Abroon is affiliated with other medical specialists and area hospitals. His long-standing relationship with these entities can help you find the best possible treatment for a condition requiring specialized care.

If you live in the New York City area and you need same-day urgent care services, you should call (212) 288-0900 to set up an appointment at Dr. Abroon’s Clinic on the Upper East Side.