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The human excretory system plays an important role in removing waste products from the body. Your renal system includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder and other structures tasked with removing waste from your blood. Over the course of a day, they serve to remove waste products from the body, regulate water and salt balance and regulate blood volume. The renal system also plays an important role in maintaining the pH of your blood while also producing hormones that help maintain healthy blood and bone marrow.

There are a variety of medical issues that can complicate healthy renal function. Conditions such as diabetes, urinary tract infections and kidney stones can cause significant discomfort, harm to other organs or lead to other life-threatening complications. Catching these conditions early helps improve treatment options as well as treatment success rates.

Acute conditions such as kidney stones or a urinary tract infection can be treated in a timely manner to reduce discomfort. Afterward, the results of an urinalysis might also help to identify lifestyle changes that can reduce your chances of suffering a recurrence.  

Diabetes is a chronic condition that continues to be a problem throughout the American population. Early diagnosis of Type I or Type II diabetes can help reduce its impact on your lifestyle, while also preventing potential damage to the kidneys and other organs. It is also worth noting that individuals with long-term blood sugar regulation issues are also at increased risk of suffering other medical complications, including problems with high blood pressure, heart disease and increased risk of suffering a stroke.

Here at Dr. John Abroon’s practice on New York City’s Upper East Side, we can perform a simple urinalysis test to help identify early symptoms of these serious conditions.

Our outpatient test is designed to effectively measure a variety of factors including glucose, protein and other factors that could serve as an early indicator of a problem. For example, the presence of bacteria and white blood cells in the urine sample might indicate the presence of a serious renal or urinary tract infection. Once an issue has been identified, Dr. Abroon might recommend additional diagnostic tests or start the process of developing a personalized treatment plan.  

Should you require additional care from a specialist, Dr. Abroon is affiliated with several highly reputable hospitals and physicians in the area. If you have urinary health concerns, you can always call our office at 212-288-0900 to set up a urinalysis appointment with Dr. Abroon.