What’s the Skinny on CoolSculpting® vs truSculpt® iD?

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It’s almost March, so how are your fitness resolutions going so far? If you’re like many who eat right and exercise but still aren’t happy with the way you look, you might consider enlisting the help of a non-invasive body sculpting treatment to reach your body contouring goals. Sometimes, despite our efforts, there’s fatty tissue that doesn’t respond to the fat burning efforts of diet and exercise alone.

Thankfully there are other avenues we can turn to for support with fat reduction and body sculpting. And if you want to tighten and smooth your skin, Dr. Abroon and his team are ready to help. Our office has recently begun using a customized, non-invasive fat reduction procedure known as truSculpt iD® by Cutera.

We’ve come a long way since the days of liposuction where we had to use anesthesia with recovery downtime after the procedure – to get rid of fat in a particular body spot. Even if you are thin but have some spots, such as fat around the shoulders, underarms or cellulite that you want to tighten and remove, truSculpt iD is ideal for this.

Using a truSculpt® iD cosmetic radiofrequency machine, Dr. Abroon can sculpt the body you want without the post-treatment downtime or use of anesthesia common with liposuction treatments, and it can be accomplished in just one 15-30-minute session in our office. You’ll be able to see results within six weeks, with the most fat loss after 12 weeks. Our patients have experienced an average of 24% fat reduction using truSculpt iD!

truSculpt® iD is ideal for the following areas:

-A double chin
-Underarm fat
-Stubborn fat around upper sides of your breast
-Belly fat after pregnancy
-Persistent “love handles” around the waist
-Cellulite around the hips and buttocks
-Fat on the inner thighs

truSculpt iD vs Coolsculpting

Probably the thing that stands out most between the two treatments is that one uses heat and one uses extreme cold to achieve similar non-invasive lipolysis. With truSculpt iD, heat is used to shrink and melt fat cells under the skin’s surface while CoolSculpt uses extreme cold to destroy fat cells. In both cases, the body digests the dead cells and they are eliminated naturally.

When using truSculpt iD to help a client with their body sculpting goals, Dr. Abroon employs a handheld device to send a proprietary Monopolar RF (radio-frequency) into the area, exposing the fat cells to heat while the skin’s top layer stays cool. The fat cells shrink and keep shrinking, after your session, which your body eliminates on its own.

Dr. Abroon controls the heat level by adjusting the truSculpt iD machine to maximize your comfort. You may experience mild sweating during your treatment and mild discomfort from the heat, and if you’ve ever had a hot stone massage, you’ll find this feels similar to that. You might experience some redness in the area post-treatment which goes away within hours, and you can resume your regular daily activities.

Unlike the truSculpt iD handheld device, a CoolSculpting machine requires a cup-like device using suction to pinch fat between two panels to freeze fat. Treatment typically lasts about 45-minutes to an hour and your body eliminates the fat within about two months. When it comes to comfortability, the first ten minutes feel like you have ice on your skin but once the skin is numb this goes away. Like truSculpt, you can get back to your normal activities afterward. This body sculpting treatment works best for people who have fat that can be pinched, so a softer fat, unlike truSculpt that works on tight or hard, squeezable body fat. CoolSculpting can be hard to when working on curved or small and difficult to access areas.

One thing to keep in mind about these methods of fat removal is that you can regain the weight if you are not exercising and eating right. So whether you are looking to contour a double chin, fat or cellulite that just won’t go away on your hips or stomach no matter how hard you work at it, our truSculpt® ID treatment might just be what the doctor ordered!