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Did you know that almost 30 million Americans have diabetes while an additional 86 million struggle with prediabetes? The American Diabetes Association promotes American Diabetes Month to help sound the alarm and help people become more aware of this serious health threat so it can be treated as early as possible.

Type 1 or Type 2?

Whether you have Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2, there is help available. If you have type 1 diabetes, your body can’t produce insulin. It breaks down the carbs you consume into blood glucose (blood sugar) that it can use for energy. Insulin is a hormone required by your body so it can send glucose from your bloodstream into your body’s cells. For Type 1 diabetes, using insulin therapy along with other treatments can help you manage your health. If you have Type 2 diabetes, your body also isn’t using insulin correctly. A combination of healthy eating, physical fitness, and medication or insulin can keep you functioning optimally. Whichever form of diabetes you have requires ongoing management so you can live your best life.

Diabetes Management

One of the options our experienced doctor, Dr. John Abroon offers is medical testing to assess your health. Whether you need a blood draw, a cholesterol panel, or weight loss management, we have the medical services your body needs. By assessing your physical health and providing treatment, Dr. Abroon can help you live a healthier, longer life.

When it comes to diabetes management, losing weight is often one of the most profound ways you can restore your health. Any excess weight you carry stresses your body and can lead to health problems like heart disease, breathing problems, high blood pressure as well as diabetes. But the manner in which you lose weight also matters.

Losing weight from unhealthy weight loss practices can leave you with muscle loss, liver issues, loose skin or other health problems. This is why Dr. Abroon provides healthy weight loss management to lose weight healthily and help you maintain your weight loss with a personalized weight loss plan best suited for you. Call (212) 288-0900 to learn more or schedule an appointment in New York, NY.