September Is Healthy Aging® Month and We Are Here To Help!

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September is Healthy Aging® Month and the office of Dr. John Abroon offers a variety of tests to help you navigate aging as gracefully and healthily as possible. Your health is paramount for us and it’s why we offer the services we do so that you can have access to the best resources helping to ensure that you are healthy and strong as you age. Your health is in your hands and the National Institute on Aging recommends that you practice the following:

Exercise regularly: Anything from brisk walking, dancing or yoga, just find something you love doing and get moving!

Eat a healthy, balanced diet: Incorporate fatty fish, greens and fresh fruits while limiting sugar and alcohol.

Get a good night’s sleep: Follow a regular sleep schedule by getting up and going to bed at the same time. Avoid alcohol before bedtime.

-Give up smoking: This will help you feel better almost immediately and bonus, your skin will look better too!

See your doctor regularly: Getting routine medical checkups helps our doctor detect diseases early as well as helps you lower your risk factors for conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol. To help you spot problems early (when they are easier, less invasive and less costly) to treat, we offer the following services.

Blood draws: Allow us to check your health, organs and any infection.

Chest X-Rays: Helps us examine your heart, lungs, airway, lymph nodes, blood vessels, bones of the spine, chest, ribs, collarbone, breastbone, and upper spine.

Cholesterol panel: Checks for potential heart disease.

Diagnostic Sonogram Services: These allow our doctor to detect unidentified bumps, heart issues, pain and swelling.

Hearing tests: Allow us to detect and treat poor hearing.

Non-Invasive Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Testing: Assess your risk of stroke, heart attack, or transient ischemic attacks (mini-strokes).

Stress Echo (echocardiogram): Measures the size, resting rate, function, and structure of the heart.

Stress tests: Checks your heart function and valves and risk of coronary heart disease.

Weight loss management: Helps prevent heart disease, breathing problems, diabetes and high blood pressure.

As you can see, our office has the necessary equipment and our doctor’s expertise to help you maintain your best health! Please call (212) 288-0900 if you have questions or need to schedule a visit!